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Zhou Zhihua
Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology

Research Focus

Our main research objective is to transfer waste biomass into clean energy by taking use of microbial organism or microflora. The present research fields involve in (1) Studies on hydrogen production from a two step process of dark- and photo- fermentation of biomass;  (2) Researches on the function and structure of the microflora in biogas reactors; (3) discovery of novel cellulase genes from metagenomic library; (4) Establishment of gene expression system for cullulase. Based on the above achievements, new bioenergy technologies are expected to be developed.



Education Background:

Ph. D. Molecular Ecology, The University of Tokyo, Japan (1997.4—2000.3);

M.S. Forest Ecology, Central-South Forestry University, China (1990.9-1993.6);

B.A. Forestry, Central-South Forestry University, China (1984.9-1988.6);

Academic experience:

2004 - present:  Principal investigator, Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology , 

Shanghai Institutes for Biological Science, CAS;

2003 - 2004:  Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China;

2000 - 2003:  Post-doc fellow at the University of Tokyo, Japan, sponsored by JSPS

(Japanese Society for Promotion of Sciences);

1993 - 1997:  Lecturer, Laboratory of Ecology, Department of Forestry

                      Central-South Forestry University, China;

1988 - 1990:  Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry,

                   Hunan Forestry Technique College, China;


Selected Publications

1. Zong WM, et al. Z.H. Zhou* (2009) Efficient hydrogen gas production from cassava and food waste by a two-step process of dark fermentation and photo-fermentation. Biomass and Bioenergy 33: 1458-1463

2. Liu F.H,S.B. Wang, J.S. Zhang, J. Zhang, X. Yan, H.K. Zhou, G.P. Zhao and Z.H. Zhou* (2009) The structure of the bacterial and archaeal community in a biogas digester as revealed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis and 16S rDNA sequencing analysis. Journal of Applied Microbiology 106 :952–966

3. Liu F.H, G.H. Lin, G. Gao, B.Q. Qin, J.S. Zhang, G.P. Zhao, Z.H. Zhou* and J.H. Shen. (2009) Bacterial and archaeal assemblages in sediments of a large shallow freshwater lake, Lake Taihu, as revealed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE). Journal of Applied Microbiology 106  1022–1032

4. Tao Y, et al. and Z.H. Zhou* (2008) Characteristics of a new photosynthetic bacterial strain for hydrogen production and its application in wastewater treatment. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 33:963-973

5. Yongzhen Tao, Yang Chen, Yongqiang Wu, Yanling He, and Z.H. Zhou* (2007) High hydrogen yield from a two-step process of dark- and photo-fermentation of sucrose. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 32 (2): 200-206.

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